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My love For LOVE

This is my blog about LOVE146 and child trafficking. Here I talk about what they do, what I do to get involved, what you can do, and different campaigns that are going on around the world working towards awareness and the abolition of child trafficking.

Working with LOVE146, and other child trafficking abolitionists is one of my greatest passions! I have been working towards the abolition of child trafficking for a couple years now, and just moved out to San Diego and am excited to get started here. I have a few ideas up my sleeve on how to get the word out about this issue and raise money to do something for these kids. I'm excited to share this experience with you!



Sorry I have been so inactive for like that past month…a lot has been going on in my life!  Sadly I haven’t been able to do anything with Love146 or other advocating, but as I have been settling into life I am getting ready to get back into full swing with everything…get ready to hear from me a lot more everyone!


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500th Tweet

Hey guys!

So I have been totally tumblr MIA this past little bit!  But just wanted to share in this milestone with me…today I hit my 500th tweet and dedicated it to #childtrafficking telling everyone I know to get informed and find a way they can help.  I am encouraging you to do the same today.  It doesn’t matter what number post or tweet you are on…take a moment today to get everyone you know informed!


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O'Blog: So Many Problems - Lets Find A Solution.


Human Traffciking…is a problem.

Why does it happen?

One reason that it occurs is because people need money, and are tricked into slavery in order to help their familys.

How can this be avoided?

Education - if you are informed, and aware of what someone is trying to get you to do than…

Movement Monday - IJM - Action Alert

"International Justice Mission (IJM) is looking for 25,000 people to ask President Obama to help end modern-day slavery!

Help demonstrate to President Obama that Americans care deeply about bringing freedom to the millions of children, women and men who are enslaved today in the U.S. and around the world. Join us by adding your name to this letter and helping us spread the word!” - ijm.org

By going to their website and filling out just a little bit of information you can send the following letter to President Obama to ask him to help end modern-day slavery:

"We Urge You To Help End Modern-Day Slavery

Dear President Obama:

We applaud the words of your proclamation of January 2011 as anti-trafficking month, when you stated: “From every corner of our nation to every part of the globe, we must stand firm in defense of freedom and bear witness for those exploited by modern slavery.” As you know, millions of men, women and children remain in slavery around the world, and we appeal to you to make the eradication of modern-day slavery a priority of your Administration at home and abroad.

We urge you to strengthen our government’s anti-slavery policies, institutions and diplomatic tools, including the following specific steps:

- Provide funding and full-time staff to the State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (TIP) to allow it to scale up and replicate projects that have successfully reduced the prevalence of labor or sex trafficking abroad.

- Increase funding for victim relief and perpetrator accountability, and provide tangible support for police, prosecutors, and courts to deter this crime and secure relief for victims.

- Urge Congress to include additional resources for the TIP Office when the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act is considered in 2011.

- Insist that TIP Office diplomacy is amplified throughout the State Department and U.S. Embassies, and the concerns reflected in the annual TIP Report are raised at the highest levels.

- Provide adequate funding in your budget not only for fighting slavery abroad but also for confronting the crime at home. Increased resources to support survivors of labor or sex trafficking as well as for police, prosecutors and investigators, should be included in your forthcoming budget.

- Enforce current law that prohibits the importation of slave or child-made goods into the U.S.

- Strengthen the TIP Office by making its coordinator, Ambassador Lou CdeBaca, the equivalent of an Assistant Secretary of State.

We appreciate your stated commitment to protecting freedom and look to you for leadership in eradicating slavery at home and around the world.

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State ZIP]”

PLEASE, I am asking on behalf of these children, that you visit the website and fill out just this little bit of information, they will do the rest.  I hope that this hits you as hard as it hits me and that you are headed to this website right now to do your part!


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I know that this blog is about LOVE146, but just want to take a moment to ask all of you to pray for the people not only in Japan but their families and friends as well. They need this in their hard time - please pray for them!

What do you do?

As my heart gets broken more and more every day for these kids I try to find more ways to get involved.  So I want to know what you do to get involved.  Fund raisers? Events? Sharing her story?


Changing the world, in progress.: The Vision of a Movement,

This is amazing…beautifully written…and the way we should all feel! Please read this!



We often say how hard it is to bring a change in the world. How the efforts of one individual are so small, we cant seem to see our own impact. Often tend to believe that we are not even making an impact.

I want to direct your focus to one girl.
The most beautiful girl i have ever known.
The most…